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Thirty Things I love
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Thirty things I love in thirty words - for anyone's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
3:33 pm
Being me
Although I am sometimes
dissatisfied with my appearance
educationally truncated and
unlucky with my health

In general
I can stick two fingers up
at others' criticisms

I'm happy in myself.
3:25 pm
Giving gifts
I love giving
a gift
a helping hand
a smile
a cuddle
words of encouragement
a little praise

Does it appear selfish
to share these gifts
that cost me nothing?
3:20 pm
You don't need a camera
to take a photograph
nor a darkroom
to make prints

paper and a biscuit tin
old chemicals
a candle
and half a dozen black bags
3:14 pm

thirty words
times thirty
is nine hundred words

thirty days
add fifty thousand words
equals one novel

plus a dictionary
can tell the world
whatever you need to say

3:05 pm
Making bread
I have two thoughts here
On the one hand
slapping dough around
watching it rise
baking the outside to a scrumptious crust
is theraputic
I love my breadmaker
3:01 pm
A challenge
What I love about
getting up in the morning
it is frosty outside,
I have housework to do
is my day off
is the Challenge it brings!
1:28 pm
The day before payday

Today is the day before payday
My wageslip has come in the post
I tear off the sides
And open it wide
To see what they've screwed up the most!

1:23 pm
Natural things
Which is the most natural?
A warm woollen scarf,
A tickly chicken feather
that can force a sneeze or laugh,
or a squishy little sponge
making bubbles in the bath?
1:11 pm
I love to do puzzles
They help keep me sane
I can do them in pencil
And then do them again

But I don't do them straight away,
That's cheating!
12:32 pm
Tomato soup
Tomato soup!
Does 'Mmmmmm!' count as a word?

Winter chill?
Tomato soup it!

Feeling down?
Tomato soup those blues!

Going fundraising?
Sell tomato soup!

Tomato soup!
Too good for politicians!
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
10:33 pm
mobile phone
I'm lost without my mobile

I can do without
and have

But it leaves me with no means of contact
should anything happen

and no phone posting
when something has.
10:16 pm
I love the smell of warm milk
splashing into the cup
mingling with the brown
freshly brewed liquid
for my morning cappuccino

finish with dusted chocolate
and serve

10:08 pm
More words
more creativity
more possibilities
more self expression

I never know what to write
until the pen starts trailing lines
accross the page

or I pick up my keyboard
10:04 pm
Waking up
In the morning

each shiny day, full of anticipation
even when the sun hides behind grey clouds
and when rise and shine
comes before the dawn

so much hope.
9:59 pm
Before TV I had books
all kinds of books

Story books and encyclopedias
text books and books on life

After the advent of twentyfour hour TV
I still love books.
9:56 pm
It coats the roads
like a layer of tippex
wiping out life's mistakes

It wraps the gardens
in cotton wool
protecting them from frost.

It is pretty -

when I'm indoors!
9:52 pm
To steal a phrase
The possibilities are endless

shopping list
note on my till

page from a book

where will it take me?
9:45 pm
scaree-ing the world
If'n you don't know what scaree-ing is
you are probably very lucky
It's what I call the little surprises
I contrive
and spring upon the unexpecting
to make their day
9:42 pm
I just like music
I like music a lot
I like to sing at work
I used to love to play
I just like music
I like music a lot
9:39 pm
Not just a place to rest
or somewhere quiet to read
It's a private little haven
away from noise
soft and warm
to snuggle up to Thingy
and feel wanted.
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